Facing Neck Pain? Learn About Causes and Possible Ways to Find Relief.

March 2, 2024
4 mins read

Do you suffer from neck and back pain or discomfort? Do you often feel the need for a massage to relieve and unknot that area? Can’t you afford the time and money for physiotherapy treatments? Almost everyone has experienced neck and back pain at some point in their lives. This is a very common problem among both young and adult populations. All of this affects your day-to-day life. Continuous fatigue, headaches and body pains, bad mood and low performance. Therefore, we should take special care of this area by applying the best care and treatments. Neck pain is also related to stress, bad posture in front of electronic devices, and the use of excessive weight. Even for women, it can occur due to a poor choice of bra. But this has a simple solution, with which you will be able to relieve the pain and relax the cervical area.

Which Postures Cause the Most Discomfort?

There are a variety of postures that are commonly associated with discomfort in the neck area, which could potentially escalate into more persistent issues. To support the well-being of your cervical and back areas, it may be helpful to become aware of exercises or positions that could contribute to discomfort and consider modifying them. The most prevalent is called text neck, or Dowager’s hump, which is a combination of forward head and rounded shoulders. Because we spend a lot of time looking down at our smartphones and typing on computers, our posture is suffering. The head becomes accustomed to sitting forward, out of alignment with our spine, which compounds the strain from supporting the head on our neck and upper back. Our shoulders start separating and move forward, creating a hunch and extra pressure on the lower neck.

In order to make these problems a thing of the past, a lot of work has been done on different technologies, treatment methods and devices that will improve and alleviate all these ailments. However, most people don’t have the time or the money to make all the visits to a chiropractor or physiotherapist. There are a lot of gadgets that claim to make a difference, but do they really work? We found at least one that does. After many hours of testing devices we ordered online, the best results came from the Neck Relax +. Its ultrasound technology combined with heat and electrode stimulation achieved the best results.

Can this one device really relieve all your neck and shoulder pain?

Neck Relax + is a cutting edge neck massage machine that will relieve the pain in your neck and upper back by releasing the tension held in these areas. This machine combines massages and posture correction with infrared heat, ultrasound and electric pulse technology to massage your muscles and relieve stress on your neck.

Not only does Neck Relax + ease your neck pain after a massage, but should also help prevent pain as you correct your neck posture over time. This neck massager has different modes and intensity strengths so that you can adjust the strength of massage to your liking. Simply press the buttons to increase or decrease the strength of massage and change mode settings. It’s so easy to use. If you have hair that covers your neck, pin it up. Wipe your neck with a wet towel to moisten the skin. Then, put on Neck Relax + and enjoy a massage for 10 to 20 minutes each day.

How to get the most relief from Neck Relax +

Neck and upper back pain come from a combination of muscle soreness. To address pain beyond the cervical spine, Neck Relax + also comes with two massage pads. Put the pads on sore areas, such as your shoulder blades, lower back, arms and legs to further relieve muscle pain. To use the gel pads, moisten clean skin with a wet towel and stick them on. Then, turn on the machine and you will feel the electrical pulses massaging the area around the pads too.

Neck Relax + massages are great for treating aches and pains, increasing blood flow, targeting muscle tension, and reducing inflammation. Make sure to use it with the correct posture in order to correct your body’s alignment and get long-lasting results. With regular use of this one machine, you can save time and money by avoiding costly chiropractor and physiotherapy sessions.

Neck Relax + is Here to Relieve Your Pain

Fits snugly around the neck. Leaves you with a relaxing feeling after use. Recommended for people who spend many hours in front of the computer.

I bought it as a gift and it has been a triumph. It gives you small shocks and loosens stiff areas, it also applies heat. 100×100 reliable.

It’s amazing, I will recommend it to friends and family, everyone should have one.

First, tie back any hair around your neck and gently wipe your skin with a damp cloth to moisten and clean the skin. Change the switch to “on” and select your setting. The default setting is the lightest and shortest massage at option “1”. Press the mode button to choose between the different types of massages. To decrease or increase the strength, you press corresponding weaken button or enhance button. If you want further instruction, Neck Relax + comes with an instruction manual and access to a friendly customer service team who are happy to help.

Key features

  1. It relaxes your cervical spine, so it relieves pain and allows you to tackle your daily routine with more energy and strength. Treat your text neck! Release the tension generated in this area due to, for example, spending many hours working in front of the computer or looking down for long periods at a cell phone.
  2. Neck Relax + relieves muscle tension, allowing the muscle to release knots in the affected area. Get back your enjoyment of physical exercise without complications, pain or discomfort. Recover from sports injuries faster.
  3. It combats everyday stress, thus improving your mood as well as your ability to focus. Enjoy the pleasant feeling of relaxation as the stress melts away. Perfect for improving your daily rest and your performance at work.
  4. It has the function of an electronic pulse massager to relax the neck, thus solving the tension that is generated in this area due to, for example, spending many hours working in front of the computer and looking at the mobile screen.


This article is an advertorial and is intended for promotional purposes only. The information provided does not constitute medical advice, and the effectiveness and benefits of Neck Relax+ mentioned are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Please consult with a healthcare professional or a qualified medical advisor before starting any new health-related regimen or treatment.

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